Domaine de Pellehaut “Chardonnay” – Côtes de Gascogne – 75cl

Expressive and complex, very fruity.

€ 8,32

  • Jaar: 2013 @en
  • Land: France
  • Kleur: White
  • Bewaartijd: +/- 4 years
  • Regio: Vin de Pays de Gascogne
  • Classificatie: Vin de Pays
  • Druivensoort: 100% Chardonnay
  • Bodem: lime, loam, sandstone
  • Klimaat: Maritime climate
  • Te serveren bij: aperitif, fish dishes, goat cheese, spicy dishes, white meat
  • Serveertemperatuur: +/- 10°C


This noble grape variety was vinified in a traditional way. Afterwards it matured in oak barrels during 6 months.


A bright and pure colour. The nose is most expressive and complex. It dissociates itself with it's floral and fruity character. The palate offers mild hints of vanilla, followed by abundant fruit touches and a perfect acidity.

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